Immigration Reminders From OGS

Departure time is almost here! You should have obtained your X1 (academic year students) or X2 (semester only students) visa in anticipation of your upcoming trip, unless your citizenship allows immediate entry. If you have not yet secured your visa, but require one for entry, contact OGS immediately at 212-998-4242 or

X2 students should have their JW202 forms (Visa Application for Study in China) with them upon entry, in case asked. If you have your visa you should not be asked at the border, but have the form available. The staff at NYUSH has copies of this form should you need it.

Two important reminders for best practices when traveling abroad:

  1. In order to board your international flight you will need your passport.  You should have copies of your passport elsewhere.  OGS recommends keeping a color copy of your passport and visa separately in your carry-on luggage.  You should also have access to a digital encrypted copy of your passport and visa online that can be obtained from any computer (for example in NYU File 2.0).  Additionally, you may want to leave a copy of your passport and visa with a parent or guardian, or whomever you trust and would call in an emergency. If your passport/visa is lost or stolen having a copy of such may help expedite getting a replacement.
  1. After you arrive at your study away site, you should register with your local Embassy or Consulate.  U.S. citizens can register with the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, which will automatically alert the local U.S. Embassy or Consulate to your presence in country.  Non-U.S. citizens should register with the relevant home country Embassy or Consulate abroad.
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VPN at NYU Shanghai

You might want to start educating yourself on the VPN client — how to download and install it. It’s going to be your best friend here. Remember, you won’t be able to access your mail in country without it due to censorship. You’ll get more information on that during orientation. It should be installed on both your computer and mobile device.

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Outlets in China

Some of you have been asking me about electricity — you’ll find most outlets here give both US and China options.  The top outlet in the picture below will accept a standard US 2 prong plug. The 3 lined outlet underneath is the typical Chinese version. If your US device uses 3 prongs, then you’ll definitely need a converter/adapter.

Despite this being the case, I still advise you to bring a converter/adapter just in case you find yourself somewhere that does not have this as their normal outlet.


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Arrival Instructions

Print out two copies these arrival instructions — place one in your carry on, and the other in your checked luggage. Trust me, you will feel so much more at ease arriving in a new country knowing where to go and what to do. While there is wifi at the airport, it is spotty and without the VPN, you will not be able to access your email (Google is censored in China). Having this hard copy will be great and handy when you need to reference something quickly. Feel free to screenshot it and save it to your phone, as well, if you are bringing your mobile device.

NYU Shanghai Arrival Information

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Please Complete the Pre-Departure Survey

You should have received an email with access to our Pre-Departure Survey, and are now able to submit feedback regarding your experience.

NYU’s Office of Global Programs strives to provide students with the best possible experiences and services as they prepare to study away, and your input will help us tremendously as we prepare for future semesters. Please take a few minutes (really, it will only take a few minutes!) to the complete the survey before you depart.

Thanks so much for your assistance.

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Reflecting on your Experience Away

You should have now largely completed your study away to-do’s.  As one last recommended to-do, we would like to challenge you to think about how you will document and reflect on your experience away.

Your 3-4 month journey will go by with the blink of an eye, but you will create memories that last a lifetime.  Consider creating a blog, both for your own benefit and as a way to share the experience with your family and friends.  If you haven’t already, keep in mind joining the team of students blogging for ThisIsNYU throughout the Global Network.

Here is information on how to sign up.

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Be GlobeSmart

In order to have a successful semester away, you should be prepared to experience different ways of interacting with the people and culture of your new city.  GlobeSmart is a web based tool that provides quick access to knowledge on how to communicate effectively with people from over sixty countries around the globe, as well as links to research about American stereotypes, cultural and ethical relativism, and tips for maximizing study abroad.

Learn more about creating and understanding your cultural profile here.  You can access GlobeSmart once logged into NYUHome on the left-hand side.


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